Thailand sets export growth target at 4% for 2021

BANGKOK (NNT) – Thailand has seen export growth of 0.35 per cent in the first month of the year. The Commerce Minister has ordered the Department of International Trade Promotion to advance an action plan to accelerate growth, which is set at 4 per cent this year.

An advisor to the Commerce Minister, Malika Boonmeetrakul, has revealed that Thai commercial attaches in 43 countries around the world have been working to boost the export growth of Thailand within a framework that focuses on three objectives: working with the private sector to evaluate the export situation of each Thai product in each country, boosting the number of participants at trade fairs, and expanding trade through online platforms in foreign markets, especially India, the United States, ASEAN countries and China.

Thai products with potential for export include agricultural and food products; products associated with the “new normal” way of living; fashion products, and heavy industry products as well as service businesses.

Malika said the department was set to organized more than 100 trade fairs this year, and the ministry also aimed to push Thailand to become a world centre for high-quality food and agricultural products. The framework and its three objectives will be the key to driving Thailand’s export growth to reach 4 per cent as targeted this year.

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