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What Macron makes of the Taiwan Litmus Test

French President Emmanuel Macron triggered a series of geopolitical debates after returning from his state visit to China on 9 April 2023. Strong criticism was provoked by his remarks that Europe should reinforce its strategic autonomy and avoid becoming either…

Beijing is committed to opening up its economy in 2023

People walk at a street in Beijing's Central Business District (CBD), during the morning rush hour following the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, in Beijing, China, 30 January 2023. (Photo: Reuters/Tingshu Wang).

Author: Xirui Li, NTU The private sector and foreign investors have become increasingly sceptical about doing business in China since COVID-19. The risks of shutdowns, travel restrictions, disruptions to normal operation and supply chains, and liquidity shortages resulting from China’s…

Chinese tech dominance more myth than reality

A person stands by a sign of Huawei during World Artificial Intelligence Conference, following the COVID-19 outbreak, in Shanghai, China, 1 September 1 (Photo: Reuters/Aly Song).

Author: Marina Yue Zhang, UTS The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) recently released a report asserting China’s dominance in ‘critical technologies’. The report claimed that much of China’s progress has come from elaborate high-level design and long-term policy planning. It…