China Spent Billions Building Makeshift Hospitals Nationwide, Most Abandoned or Unfinished

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 three years ago, Beijing has ordered the construction of countless makeshift hospitals nationwide, some costing as much as 10,000 yuan (about $1,500) per square meter. Those facilities were primarily used to quarantine mild to asymptomatic COVID-positive patients.
However, when Beijing abruptly ended its Zero-COVID policy last December, makeshift hospitals nationwide were abandoned, and many in construction were left unfinished. The regime spent large sums of money on these projects amid nearly three years of draconian COVID-19 restrictions.
Makeshift hospitals, also known as “Fangcang hospitals” or mobile field hospitals, were widely used in China during the COVID-19 pandemic. The facilities were temporary shelters for mandatory isolation of those who tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of the severity of their symptoms….

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