Massive COVID Surge Across China Sparks Global Concern Over Virus Mutation, Supply Chain Breakdown

As a mass wave of COVID infections sweeps through China, the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments around the world are anxious about the potential emergence of a dangerous new virus variant that could further drag down the global economy.
With Beijing now gripped by the virus, the variant has also rapidly spread across China. From the northeastern city of Shenyang to the eastern city of Shanghai, to Chongqing in the southwest and Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the south, this wave of COVID-19 infections has overwhelmed China’s health system.
The streets in Chinese cities are empty, except for the crowds of people seeking treatment and collecting fever medication at hospitals and pharmacies, and outside mortuaries waiting in line for their deceased loved claimed by COVID to be cremated. It’s eerily similar to the situation in Wuhan three years ago, when that city was the first hit by the more severe original strain SARS-CoV-2 virus….

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