Private Sector Delegates Halved at 20th Congress, Sign of Xi Implementing New Planned Economy Model

At the recently concluded 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the number of representatives of private entrepreneurs was reduced by nearly half from the already small number 10 years ago—the latest sign that China’s economic system is moving back toward a planned economy version 2.0, a modern model echoing the Mao era.
Of 2,296 party delegates at the 20th congress, only 18 were private entrepreneurs, compared to 27 at the 19th Congress in 2017 and 34 at the 18th Congress in 2012.
In a decade, the number of private entrepreneurs represented at the party congress has shrunk by nearly half, highlighting the fact that the CCP’s attitude toward private business owners is increasingly one of alienation and distrustfulness….

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