Uber had announced in January that it was bringing its food delivery service to India, its fastest-growing market in the world. And finally, it’s here. 

UberEATS has rolled out in Mumbai and will soon be taken to five other Indian cities.

India becomes UberEATS’ fourth Asian market, after it launched in Singapore last May, followed by Tokyo (Japan) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Interestingly, Uber’s local rival Ola had started a similar service, Ola Cafe, in 2015 and shut it down a year later after reportedly failing to expand its network of restaurants.  

UberEATS presently delivers to a handful of zip codes, primarily in western Mumbai (see map). Most of the city is yet to be serviced. 


But Uber has been smart to tie up with the choicest of cafes and restaurants — 200 of them — in some of the busiest locations, ensuring it taps well into the city’s office and millennial population. 

Uber had in fact called upon Indian users to fill in the names of their favorite restaurants before rolling out UberEATS. Consumers will be able to order through the UberEATS app every day of the…

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