Which is your favorite sport? Perhaps one of the earliest inventions of mankind, not only children, even adults are intrigued by this facile way of keeping themselves salubrious, entertained and gratified.

And it’s not just about traditional sports games – even video games are changing as we know it.

The last decade has seen multiplayer games rise in popularity, with better internet connectivity the world over. It’s what many of us love doing after a hard day at work or on lazy Sundays.

Multiplayer gaming or esports though, is not just a past time any more. Just like Betway88 where you could make money by betting right on your favorite sports, you could make it big if you know your video game well. If nobody gets through you on FIFA, there is a world out there waiting for you!

Worldwide eSports Market 2016

Esports – How is it Changing Sports As We Know It?

With eSports taking over the internet, companies are looking to enter new markets and improve their ROI. Recently, eSports companies are turning their focus to Southeast Asian regions and an analysis done by pioneer brand NewZoo points to why it’s so.

Understanding the Potential of Asia

Asia is one of the fastest growing gaming economies, with more than 9 million esports freaks.

The study also shows the countries excelling in the field. About 2.5 million enthusiasts belong to Vietnam and 2 million are from Indonesia, a testimony to the gaining popularity in the region. By the end of 2019, these figures are anticipated to double.

The Development of Esports

Much of the enthusiasm is observed due to the announcement that eSports won’t remain the same anymore – it will be a competitive sport from the year 2022, and would have its own palce in national Asian games. Many countries have even started their eSports academics. In Indonesia and Singapore, systematically arranged academic curriculum is planned to teach the techniques of eSports.

Along with eSports popularity, even PC Games are all set to take over the market. Last year’s PC Gaming revenue was around $1.1 billion by the end of last year.

Niko published a report which states that the PC Gaming world will flourish even more. Also, the revenue collected by the same will reach $2 Billion by 2021. Mobile games are also quite famous and last year, they occupied a better position than PC games.

Overall, the internet gaming world has taken over a bigger turn and will take over the market soon.

According to the CEO of gaming and e-commerce company Sea Group’s Thailand branch, gaming has seen immense acceptance and growth. More companies are trying to engage and develop links to eSports. This is because of the popularity and fame the field has attained over the past years.

Regional gaming enthusiast is widening their horizon and trying out games from other regions. The language-based restriction is vanishing but the enthusiasm, will and dedication continue to thrive perfectly. Overall, eSports is the new trend and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.