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What Alibaba Can Learn From Groupon

Amid the spa discounts, restaurant deals and cut-price tickets on Groupon, Alibaba should be looking for one thing: lessons learned. As WSJ’s Alex Frangos writes: The Chinese e-commerce giant on Friday disclosed a 5.6% stake in the once-popular, but lately shunned, daily-deals…

Xi reshuffles military headquarters

President urges new agencies to improve PLA’s combat capability and readiness China has reshuffled its top armed forces agency, the Central Military Commission, as President Xi Jinping accelerates the massive, multilevel reform of the People’s Liberation Army. The previous four military headquarters – staff, politics, logistics and armaments – were dismantled and their functions and duties are now shared by 15 new agencies under the Central Military Commission. When meeting leaders of these new agencies on Monday morning, Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, said the rearrangement of the commission itself has basically concluded, describing the move as “a breakthrough” and “a crucial step” toward a stronger military