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A Brief History of Chinese Literature



Chinese literature goes back thousands of years, from the dynastic court records to novels that became popular during the Ming Dynasty (1368-16440). During the Tang Dynasty (618-907) woodblock printing was invented, and along with movable type printing that was introduced during the Song Dynasty (960-2179) this enabled the spread of written knowledge among the literate Chinese.

At the beginning of the Gonghe regency (841BC) the Chinese began to keep detailed court records. Perhaps the definitive work in early Chinese writing was the Shiji, a narrative history of Chinese, written by the Han Dynasty court historian Sima Qian (145BC-90BC) and completed about 389BC.

The oldest extant dictionary in China is the Erya , dated to the 3rd century BC, anonymously written but with later commentary by the historian Guo Pu (276-324). There were also large encyclopedias produced in China through the ages. The Yiwen Leiju encyclopedia was completed by Ouyang Xun in 624 during the Tang Dynasty, with the help of scholars Lininghu Defen and Chen Shuda.

China has a rich tradition of literature that has continued through the ages and continues to the present day through post Maoist writers. Chinese language literature has also flourished in the Diaspora – in South East Asia, the United States, and Europe. China is the largest publisher of books, magazines and newspapers in the world. In book publishing alone, some 128,800 new titles of books were published in 2005, according to the General Administration of Press and Publication. There are more than 600 literary journals across the country. Living and writing in France but continuing to write mainly in Chinese, Gao Xingjian became the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000.

Source by Maureen Mclean

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