After months of anticipation, protests, and campaigns, Taiwan made history on Wednesday as the first country in Asia to recognise same-sex marriage.

The ruling panel, made of 14 judges, has ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban same-sex couples from getting married.

Taiwan’s government has two years to implement the ruling, failing which same-sex marriages will be allowed to registered anyway.

People from all across the region took to Twitter in celebration.

And outside Taipei’s parliament, the celebrations continued.

Efforts to legalise gay marriage in Taiwan quickly gained momentum after President Tsai Ing-wen, who openly supported marriage equality, came to power last May.

Pro-gay marriage rallies took place in the many weeks leading up to the court ruling, with similar gatherings by those who were against same-sex unions.

The landmark case was brought forward by equal rights activist Chi Chia-wei, after the…

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