The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on Feb. 21 released its first main policy document of the year, known as “Document No. 1.” Poverty alleviation and food security are the Chinese regime’s top concerns for 2021. A press conference was held on Feb. 22 about Document No. 1. China’s minister of agriculture, Tang Renjian, said “two things must not go wrong” for China in 2021, according to a report by Radio Free Asia (RFA). He emphasized that poverty and a food shortage crisis must be prevented. Food Shortage Crisis Hu Ping, honorary editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring, a popular China-based political magazine, told RFA: “There are two major problems [that China is facing]: one is the tight supply of food which is not ample; the other is the rural revitalization, which shows that there are many fundamental and serious problems in rural areas. In the past, the rural areas were self-contained and …

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