As business blogs become more commonplace as a means of communications for marketing, public relations and building business relationships, they will increase company revenue over time through the marketing and relationship-building power of the blog.

What is Professional Blogging?

Free blogging software, such as WordPress, can be added as a seamless addition to an existing website, increasing exposure by extending content and expanding directories that link to it.

The benefits of using WordPress are:

  • It has a variety of free plug-in themes to define the look and feel;
  • The software writes each article into an RSS file, which allows the major feeds to publish it each time an article is added;
  • It can be seamlessly integrated into the site, adding content and therefore boosting PageRank values;
  • Choosing a relevant keyword for the directory name will also help relevance in ‘outbound links’ thereby increasing a site’s visibility.

What is RSS?

You will find an RSS feed on many of our clients’ websites. RSS feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest news by subscribing to it using a News Reader, such as My Yahoo!

For a long time users have been crying out to have the latest news and features delivered directly to them, rather than searching and clicking from site to site. This now comes in the guise RSS feeds. RSS allows you to see when sites from all over the internet have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and articles (or even audio files, photographs or video) in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to remember to visit each site every day.

The process of syndicating content from other websites by displaying RSS feeds is definitely catching on: these services are able to deliver fresh news to users as it happens using ‘Really Simple Syndication’. Not only are the big companies using RSS to get ahead of the competition but smaller firms are also using it to the fullest extent.

The age of RSSEM (RSS Search Engine Marketing)

As more and more people get involved with the internet and as more websites, blogs, news services and other online resources continue to grow in number and variety it becomes increasingly important to maintain high visibility and exposure for the content being generated by closely following the major distribution media.

Until now the web was populated by websites and other HTML-based content pages, and the main vehicle for reaching content has been the large use of major search engines and directories. As a rapidly increasing number of content sources, new and old, migrate or add RSS as a key distribution channel, and as more people utilize RSS newsreaders and aggregators to keep themselves informed, the ability to maintain high exposure and visibility is gradually shifting from complete attention to major search engines and content optimization techniques to an increasing awareness of RSS feed directories and search tools.

Benefits of RSS

RSS feeds deliver relevant posts quickly, in a customizable, easy-to-manage format. These types of services provide marketers with an additional avenue to tap a captive audience for time-critical offers. Since the customers themselves pick the content they will receive, advertisers are able to deliver their message within a context they know will engage their target audience.

In summary, the benefits of RSS marketing are:

  • RSS is dynamic. As soon as content changes, users know immediately;
  • Users can review a large number of sites easily by choosing from categorized headlines;
  • It bypassed spam filters and firewalls and cannot get infected by viruses as users only select the RSS feeds they are interested in;
  • It allows users to view content without having to visit a website;
  • It provides fresh content for your website;
  • By adding RSS to a site, other people’s content can be easily published;
  • It increases your search engine rankings because of the fresh content you are adding;
  • It saves time: instead of browsing multiple sites for information, syndicated content is delivered directly through an RSS Reader.


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