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Japanese firms invest too much

Author: Arthur Alexander, Georgetown University Japanese companies’ obsessive attachment to investment carries serious negative consequences because investment does not pay as well as it could. Too much capital means low returns to investment. When the real economy-wide returns to investment…

Chinese regional income inequality

Author: Peter Drysdale, Editor, East Asia Forum There have been many studies of China’s regional income inequality, which is commonly asserted to have increased considerably since the beginning of Chinese economic reforms. For most, this is an important starting point…

Myanmar: getting economic reform on track

Author: Peter Drysdale, Editor, East Asia Forum After decades of struggle to overcome political repression and deprivation, Myanmar appears on the way to democracy. This achievement is little short of miraculous, a testament to the courage of opposition leader Aung…

Chen Guangcheng Update

The Diplomat spoke with Michael Lieberman, a fellow at the Truman National Security Project, about the case of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng. What is your sense of the situation overall? From what we can say now, this situation highlights, perhaps counterintuitively, the strong working relationship between U.S. and Chinese officials. This was the last thing either wanted in the midst of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Yet they were able to work quickly to resolve a situation that could have dragged on for months and seriously undermined other pressing issues between them